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The alternative data sharing platform powered by the Blockchain



Optimise your services & reduce costs
By having access to the documents and records that you need, in advance, with your client’s consent you can apply best decisions, minimise delays, increase your efficiency, reduce the cost to your business and clients, and fully engage with your clients.

Reduce the risk of conflict & litigation
Our platform with both "MyData App" and "" was built on the pillars of GDPR. By using our platform you are always transparent with your clients, you don't have to store data unless it is needed and pre-consented. Our block chain innovation means that all events are securely recorded and audited.

Engage with your clients
Through our secure platform you can securely communicate and share relevant documents and information with your clients such as, readily available reports, arising queries, feedback, educational materials. Allow your client to be proactive in their matters.


Anytime Anywhere​
With our double encrypted and secure app (MyData App) your records data is safely present at your finger tips.​

Organise Your Life & Wellbeing​
With our secure vault your documents and sensitive records are secure and at your finger tips. Share documents and records with whom you trust. With our ability to integrate with various providers such as hospitals, GPs, insurers, wearable devices etc. You can be assured you are taken care of 24/7.
Welcome to the future data exchange and integration platform solution under.

You Are Truly In Control​
With our World’s first block chain patient controlled smart consent you have the power to allow/revoke​:

  • Others access to your records.​ Including health, work and personal documents.
  • You determine what file, level of authorisation and communication.​

Industries and Sectors

MDMP platform works as a secure and real time communication tool through integration and interoperability where the users can share confidential records/documents and important information with their providers across industries. The blockchain technology provides an extra layer of security through smart contract technology and audit trail should there be a need for it. The principle of MDMP and “Mydata App” is that the user is the owner of their own data and therefore have the right to allow/revoke access to their own documents. Besides, email communications are generally lack adequate security and once the email is sent, the data owner “ the user” has no control on how their data is used and where it is stored.
Our sole objective at MDMP is to empower both users and providers and provide them with the tools to communicate securely while protecting the users rights of privacy and compliance with the various data protection laws such as GDPR. MDMP is applicable across industries, such as healthcare, legal, insurance and so forth and offer clear benefits such as:

  • Secure and real time data sharing and integration.
  • ​Increased work flow efficiency with the benefits of increased customer satisfaction, increase profit and reduce cost.

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Learn more about the future of data-sharing and discover the most innovative user controlled data-exchange information platform​.

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